Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

I instantly went to pinterest for inspo. What I found was awesome! Since it was a tea party and the host wanted us to wear hats, I thought “Why not add some Alice!”

The host, my sister Pas wanted to hang curtains in the patio to make it feel like a sunroom. I wanted twinkle lights and playing cards everywhere.

Pas rented round tables and chairs. Pas, my sister Maggie and mom purchased gifts from Ross and we decided to decorate the “room” with said gifts. It was genius! We also hit the thrift shops for china. We wanted everyone to eat on lovely plates and have tea cups and saucers. But once we purchased them we though why not give everyone their place setting as a thank you gift.

On Pinterest I found free printable tags and other cutouts. Perfect for the theme we were going for. Every place setting had a “Drink Me” tag with a playing card on the reverse side. On the twinkle lights we also had  playing cards hanging from ribbons and we also made a garland.

Food served was a mix of gluten free and dairy free sandwiches, cupcakes and cake. Other foods were store bought, sandwich, cheese, veggie and meat platers also a dessert plater. The foods tags were printed, cut out and glued to toothpicks. What a task. If you want to have these details I advice you to print all you need and cut out a week or two before. Also if you have extra help that would be great. This really was a group effort. My sisters, mom, Esmeralda (bridesmaid) and the groom to be helped with cutting and glueing.

The games we played were a mix of old and new games.

  1. Word Search (The names of every guest are in this search)
  2. Toilet paper bridal gown
  3. Toilet paper bridal lingerie
  4. What is the Bride-to-be wearing
  5. Find the ring
  6. Pass the present
  7. Purse raid

We had a blast and I periscoped it as well. lol

From head to toe: gold head band, one shoulder Vera Wang dress, BCBG gold wedge heels, red lip (Kat VonD), red belt and Betsey Johnson necklace and cuff.

It was a great night filled with lots of love.

Files and printable:

Pass the presents







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