Regretting wedding choices…

ILHP-Bridal-9-744x1116I work in the bridal industry, on a daily basis I see inspiration boards for flowers, hall decor, portrait trends, and hair. My husband and I had a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I’m having regrets and only focusing on the negative.  The day went by so fast I didn’t have time to really enjoy it and my guests. I feel like I needed a couple more days to get the fine details in place. Second guessing my flowers which by the way my flowers were beautiful. I feel like I needed two or three more hair and makeup trails. I thought my makeup was flawless until I looked at my pictures. The flash made my under eyes look like I got in a fight with a bag of coke!  Although my cake was the design I wanted, it wasn’t the correct color. And clearly you could see it was not gold leafed it was air brushed. Which I would be ok with if I was told it would be airbrushed and not gold leafed. Also WTF it wasn’t PINK!

Before the wedding I had a lot of reservations, I wanted a lot of my close friends whom I love so much at the wedding but in all honesty I hate being the center of attention. I remember being hot in my beautiful expensive gown and heavy headpiece, and feeling a bit scared when people came up to our table to take pictures while we were eating. I know they were happy for us but it really threw me off.  Now I kinda regret the big wedding, I want a do over but at the same time I never want to have another big party like that again.

I don’t understand why I feel like this because a in my twenties I loved being the center of attention. I loved big parties and dancing. Is it possible that at my age I’ve gotten anxiety and have become a recluse? This is horrible! My wedding was lovely and enjoyed by everyone there. I just didn’t have that much fun. And that is very sad.


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