The Ghastlies 2011

The Ghastlies 2011

A Ghastlie Gallery

Color: Smoke/ gray, green, mauve, natural

A Ghastlie Family Reunion

Color: Green, mauve, smoke, natural.

A Ghastlie Cewell

Color: Smoke, green, mauve, natural.

Ghastlie Tapestry

Color: Smoke, mauve, b & w and green.

I think this one also comes in green. I have a half yard of smoke but again no year and I can’t seam to find it on line.

**Another one from my IG pal who said it’s from 2011. Yay!!!



Ghastlie Knots

Color: natural, smoke, green, mauve?

A Ghastlie Angle

Another print I found on a website called

This print is on Family Reunion so I think it’s from 2011. I’ll add the print to the bottom.

** I got the PACKAGE and an IG pal also told me 2011.

These Ghastlie post are just for fans who want to see what prints they are missing in their collection.

If you know of any prints that are not on these post please comment.

Thanks for viewing.

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