The Ghastlies 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here…

For years I’ve been collecting fabric by De Leon Design Group * The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection called The Ghastlies.

The next few post will be dedicated to the line by year. If you have any print info that I don’t have here Please comment or DM me on IG @girlwithOUTcancer.

Let’s get stared.

2009 The Ghaslties

Colors: gray/smoke, orange, natural, pink.



Sebastian Ghastlie

Color: smoke/gray, natural, mauve


Ghastly Forest

Color: smoke/gray, blue, natural, gold, rose?


Ghastly Bramble

Color: green, mauve, teastain?, Smoke/gray, blue.



Another Print that has been brought to my attention.

Ghastly Bats 2009.

I’ve seen pictures and am on the lookout for it.


These Ghastlie post are just for fans who want to see what prints they are missing in their collection.

If you know of any prints that are not on these post please comment.

Thanks for viewing.




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