The Ghastlies 2017

A Ghastlie Pastoral

Color: Mauve and Poison Blue(?)

A Ghastlie Duel

Color: Taupe and Blue

A Ghastlie Moment

Color: Blue and pink.

A Ghaslite Stripe

Color: Green, blue and mauve.

A Ghastlie Weave

Color: Gold, green, blue, b & w, mauve and gray?

An IG follower has commented weave is from 2017.

I have half a yard of blue but no year on the salvage.

Ghastlie Botanicals

I really like this print. I’ll hunt for all of the colorways. I do have “deadly mauve” on order.

Another IG comment said it was from 2017. Yay!

Color: Mauve, blue and green.

These Ghastlie post are just for fans who want to see what prints they are missing in their collection.

If you know of any prints that are not on these post please comment.

Thanks for viewing.

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