The Ghastlies 2019

Ghastlie Love

Color Natural and Snapdragon


A Ghastlie Bouguet

Color: Gray pink, natural, pale pink and black

A Ghastlie Screen

Color: Black slate, red, charc freezing, blue gray, gray pink



A Ghastlie Bulb

Color: Black, chartreuse, mint pink, gray blue,

A Ghastlie Heart

Color: Slate multi, snapdragon, taupe pink

A Ghastlie Gush

Color: Natural and snapdragon

A Ghastlie Trim

Color: Natural and snapdragon

All pictures are from the Alexander Henry website. These Ghastlie post are just for fans who want to see what prints they are missing in their collection.

If you know of any prints that are not on these post please comment.

Thanks for viewing.


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