Dating in your 40’s

I have a lot of friends who are single and in their 40s or close to it. Some never married and some divorced, some mothers . I often listen to their stories of dating and I remember loving dating. For me it was fun and exciting. Meeting new people and making memories. New restaurants, new neighborhoods, new bars living my best life.

But its not all fun anymore. Now there are apps and boys are still playing games. Men who were not players have now found a way to be a player. They don’t need to smooth talk you in person, it’s all done behind a keyboard… they can just google phrases… “Oh, hey girl” “Girl? I’m a woman. Bro, I just bought a turkey to cook, that’s how old I am!!!!”

Classic (sales man act) guy how tells you that he wants to take you here and there for your fifth date and your first year anniversary you’re going to Paris. Swoon, open legs and you never make it to the fifth date, he’s suddenly lost interest. Or how about the guy who honks when he picks  you up, asks you to get out of the car to check how long the wait is at the restaurant he didn’t make reservations for. I mean who are these guys? Parents are failing!!!


When you meet the right man and he doesn’t want children, he has four grown adult kids and you want just one. Your sexual chemistry is perfection, he’s financially stable but that one little thing, becoming a mother. What do you do? Do you compromise? Are you willing to do so?

Where are the men? The ones that make a reservations for your first date, the ones that open your door? The ones that CALL you in the morning to see how you’re doing. Maybe invite you to breakfast because last night was a blast and you want to continue the conversation at the farmers market…

I mean how hard are these simple things? Bring flowers, I love flowers. I also love jewelry. I want my girlfriends to have these things. They are smart, successful women who are amazing and deserve a wonderful man how won’t play games. Just be honest, and woman up bro.

Do you want a family? I was three kids.

Do you like spicy food? I love cooking.

Do you like dancing?  Lets out out.

Do you like hiking? See you Saturday?

It’s not that hard. It really isn’t.





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