Peaceful protest, riots and looting. Aftermath

La Mesa, California is a small suburb of San Diego. We are about three exits away from San Diego State University. Yesterday protesters gathered around downtown La Mesa, (classic “Main Street” feel with mom and pop businesses) around the police station, city hall, they also walked onto the 8 freeway to protest. Still peaceful protesting happening. But as soon as it got dark, the riots and looting ensued. From my balcony and front door we could see the smoke from the burning buildings downtown. Cars speeding down the streets three, four, six at a time following each other as they got off the freeway headed to the mall or downtown. After a few minutes the fire trucks would follow answering the calls to put out car fires and buildings.

We didn’t sleep much, the jewelry store across the street was broken into. We turned off our lights and stood in the dark as we saw a lot of these things happen.

I woke, got in the shower and left with my camera. This is what I captured.

A community came together this morning and it was beautiful.

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